Maybe its been a while since you first learned to sew, maybe you are getting interested in this amazing skill. No idea where to start? You've now found the right place. 
Be creative! Start big or start small - it's the number of seams that count!
You might start by checking out the Heart Pocket diagram on my blog. If you want to try something a bit more advanced there is a little pattern at the bottom of this page with easy diagrams, that creates the apron that this heart pocket adorns.

The prettiest A line skirt in my collection, not to be outdone by the Primrose Skirt, which has a charm all of its own. These skirts are very similar except that the Cherry Skirt is fuller and is the ideal A line skirt for fuller figures. Primrose is a little longer and slimmer and has a single panel in the front. UK sizes 8 - 20.

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                                     Free Pattern                                                      

Apron featuring trimmed heart pocket, comes in two sizes, small and child.

 This pattern can easily be scaled up to suit adult.  

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